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Tollywood worried about Avengers: End Game

April 22, 2019 at 2:07 pm
Tollywood worried about Avengers: End Game
Hollywood movie Avengers: End Game is gearing up for a humongous release this Friday. The film will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages along with English. For the first time, a Hollywood movie is getting released in 500 screens in Telugu states. Avengers: End Game advance sales are outstanding and going with the buzz, the film is sure a threat for Tollywood movies that are running.
All the shows for the first weekend of Avengers: End Game are already sold out and extra shows are planned all over. Early estimates say that Avengers: End Game would collect Rs 100 crores in the first weekend alone. Tollywood films like Majili, Chitralahari, Jersey will be impacted with the release of Avengers: End Game for sure across the Telugu states. We have to wait to see how much damage Avengers: End Game does for Tollywood films.
Tollywood worried about Avengers: End Game
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