Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review

December 7, 2018 at 7:52 am
Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review
Young and handsome actor Sumanth made his impact with Malli Raava. The actor is in plans to repeat his magic with a crime thriller which has been titled Subrahmanyapuram. Santhossh Jagarlapudi is the director and Beeram Sudhakar Reddy is the producer. The film is hitting the screens today across the globe. Here is the complete review of  Subrahmanyapuram:
Subrahmanyapuram is all about an ancient temple in the village named Subrahmanyapuram. Karthik (Sumanth) is an atheist and a researcher who starts investigating about the temple and the secrets behind it after a series of suicides. After the villagers are left puzzled, Karthik gets couple of developments. The rest of Subrahmanyapuram is all about the secrets and mystery behind the ancient temple in the town. Watch Subrahmanyapuram to know about the complete story:
Second half in parts
Screenplay and Direction
First half
Poor production values
Editing and music
Sumanth delivers one more decent performance in Subrahmanyapuram and he has been subtle and cool enough throughout the film. Eesha Rebba is limited and has no scope to perform in this crime thriller. All the other roles have been restricted and offered nothing interesting and commanding.
Subrahmanyapuram has an intriguing plot but the screenplay and direction makes it a poor product. The poor narration irritates the audience and the cinematography work looks decent. The music has no scope to elevate the film and editing work has been poor. The production values have been below par because of which the film appeals to no one. The director fails to present the film in an interesting manner.
Subrahmanyapuram is an outdated film that fails to impress the audience. Dull narration and poor production values makes the film one of the worst flicks in the recent times.
Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review
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