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Supreme Court strong warning irks Tamil Nadu govt

Supreme Court on Thursday gave a strong warning to the Tamil Nadu Govt on farmer’s suicides. It had ordered the ruling AIDMK government to submit the report on farmer’s suicides and take necessary steps to control the situation. TN farmers have been protesting for more than a month in National Capital to wave the farm

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Lack of ideology for political parties!

It’s very common that public expects something from the elected governments on the basis of poll promises which they have made a part of efficient, clean governing and social security. Any failure by the government to keep the poll promises is actually a responsibility rather than an opportunity for the opposition. In opportunistic politics, political

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TDP fell into self-defense

Assembly sessions in the newly constructed building don’t seem to bring a good sign to the ruling TDP party. The ruling party led by diplomatic and oratory leaders like CBN, Yanamal and high pitch noise leaders like Bonda Uma, Devineni Uma, and Achenna Naidu have failed to counter the opposition. Earlier assembly session has witnessed

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No ticket for these two ysrcp sitting MP’s in 2019 election?

If the news is to be believed from the inside sources of YSRCP two sitting MP’s from ysrcp are not to get party tickets in 2019 general elections. It is heard from very reliable sources that party chief YS Jagan is extremely unhappy with these two MP’s and On Tuesday while a senior leader and close

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Ramoji Vs Pawan Behind the scene.

Media tycoon and veteran Ramoji Rao is very well known in Indian media business and political circle. Ramoji who has very strong hold in dictating politics at the state and national level behind the screen is also well known as “RAJA GURUVU”. He is victorious in running and managing the political wheel for last three

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Kodandaram’s New Political Party?

It is more than two years since the new state of Telangana formed and the TRS government is doing its bit but out of the blue, Prof Kodandaram launched a scathing attack on the government and its leader K Chandrasekhar Rao. It is being alleged that this is not a self-initiated issue but Kodandaram is

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