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‘Dwaraka’, An Interesting Film

Actress Pooja Jhaveri is all set to make a splash with her upcoming Telugu romantic-drama “Dwaraka”, starring Vijay Deverakonda which the actress feels gave her good scope to perform. Directed by Srinivasa Ravindra, Vijay plays the role of a thief and later he becomes a baba. Pooja plays the role of a Hyderabadi girl in

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Pellichoopulu’s New Record Overseas?

Pellichoopulu has achieved one more record at the US box-office. The film which has won the admiration of audiences has reportedly grossed more than half million dollars. In spite of new releases hitting screens, “Pellichoopulu” is still going strong. The entertainment quotient with the humorous content and fresh feel has definitely struck a chord.  Directed

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