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Kajal’s Martial Arts Lessons

Kajal Aggarwal is one of the leading actresses of South Indian cinema. She is lined up with several big budget projects and she is now a part of Shankar and Kamal Haasan’s upcoming action thriller Indian 2. The shoot of the film has been put on hold temporarily and the next schedule will commence in

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Halo Fading Away For Rashmi?

The raunchy seductress Rashmi Gautham was on cloud nine with the craze and fan following she received after the super hit of “Guntur Talkies”. The film also had Shraddha Das in an interesting role. She won the title as the next “sex bomb” in Tollywood with her oomph factor and other sexy poses. This also

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Tejaswini Prakash Latest Photos

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Investigation On Chain Smoking Top Heroine

When common people are addicted to vices we leave them to their fate but when the same is the issue with a film celebrity then the attention is full on. It gets doubled if the celebrity happens to be a heroine or actress. Currently, a strong investigation and enquiry is happening on one heroine. Sources

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