Robo 2.0 Movie Review

November 29, 2018 at 9:51 am
Robo 2.0 Movie Review
Superstar Rajinikanth after an enough break is back testing his luck with 2.0. Shankar is the director and Amy Jackson is the female lead. Akshay Kumar is the lead antagonist of the movie and AR Rahman is the music composer. Lyca Productions are the producers and 2.0 is releasing in 3D. Here is the complete review of 2.0:
2.0 is the sequel for Robo and is about scientist Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth), a scientist who teaches Robotics. Robot Vennela (Amy Jackson) is his beautiful assistant. One fine day, all the people’s mobile phones starts flying and Vaseegaran researches about the incident and brings back Chitti (Robot). The rest of 2.0 is all about Pakshiraja (Akshay Kumar) and the situations that made things happen so. Watch 2.0 to know about the complete story and about the hidden facts.
VFX Work
Background Score
Last half an hour
Interval episodes
Slow pace
Predictable concept
No Entertainment
Superstar Rajinikanth thrills the audience once again as a scientist and as Chitti. He looks stunning and performed the stunts with ease. Amy Jackson has an interesting role assigned and she performed some stunts in 2.0. Akshay Kumar is the real surprise of 2.0 and the actor’s ruthless avatar and acts will leave the audience amazed on screen. All the other actors delivered out their best.
The story of 2.0 has nothing exciting and interesting. The screenplay looks ok and the dialogues have been good. The music has been decent and the background score is a real treat. The cinematography work will stand out and the production values have been grand enough. Shankar lives up the expectations and the last half an hour of 2.0 is a treat for the audience.
2.0 is an outstanding film that is high on technical standards and VFX. On the flip side, the slow pace and lack of entertainment makes it an average flick for a section of audience.
Rating: 3.5/5
Robo 2.0 Movie Review
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