Natakam Movie Review

September 28, 2018 at 10:07 am
Natakam Movie Review

Natakam is one film which got fame after the theatrical trailer has been out. Touted to be a village based action thriller laced with romance, Natakam features Ashish Gandhi, Ashima Narwal in the lead roles. Kalyanji Gogana directed the film and Sri Saidip Chalta, Radhika Srinivas, Praveen Gandhi, Uma Kuchipudi are the producers. Natakam released all over today and here is the complete review of the film:


Natakam is set in a village backdrop and is a revenge drama. The film happens in Chintalapudi and is about the beautiful love story of Koti (Ashish Gandhi) and Parvathi (Ashima Narwal). The duo decides to get married after which the story takes an unexpected turn. The rest of Natakam is all about the hidden secret behind Parvathi’s life and what happens next. Will Koti win his love or sacrifices for it for his village? Watch Natakam to know about the complete story.


Ashish Gandhi and Ashima Narwal
Emotional Drama
Village nativity


Second Half
Boring narration
Placement of songs
Repeated Episodes
Several episodes misses Logic


Ashish Gandhi is here to stay and he delivers out a matured and stunning performance throughout. His screen presence is a huge asset for him. Ashima Narwal too has been apt and she delivers out a decent performance. Their chemistry should be specially mentioned. All the other actors have been apt and suited their roles well. They performed well in their assignments.

Natakam has a lose plot and lacks interesting episodes. Most of the episodes in the second half misses the logic. The screenplay and dialogues have been ok. The songs have been shot well but they haven’t been placed well. The cinematography work is a huge asset and the editing has been sharp. The production values have been apt and the makers spent lavishly on the project. Debutant Kalyanji has been good during the first half but the most crucial second half looks sidelined and fails to make much impact.


Natakam is a misfire and it fails to make any impact because of the illogical and sidelined second half. Ashish Gandhi and Ashima Narwal shines with perfection in their assigned roles.

Rating: 2/5

Natakam Movie Review
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