T-TDP Cracking?

June 29, 2016 at 6:10 am

As it is the situation of the Telugu Desam Party is not at all good in Telangana and at a time when many felt they will emerge as the strongest opposition they have been obliterated completely by the TRS Party.

Despite that, the egos of leftover leaders are cracking whatever is left of T-TDP. Reports are emerging on how two camps are now forming under L Ramana and Revanth Reddy respectively. The trigger seems to be from Ramana’s camp.

They are not happy with the way Revanth has been taking aggressive steps without taking Ramana and others into confidence. But Revanth’s camp reveals how Ramana and his team has become lazy and not working at all. You decide now.

T-TDP Cracking?
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