Ravi Teja’s mother about Drug Issue

July 18, 2017 at 2:44 pm

Mass Raja Ravi Teja is an inspiration for many young and aspiring actors as he emerged as one among the leading actors of Telugu cinema despite of having no support from the industry. The actor has been named among the list of Tollywood celebrities who consume drugs. He has been issued notices and Ravi Teja is busy shooting for his upcoming films. The actor’s mother interacted with the media today about the shocking allegations.

She said “My son Ravi Teja is very hardworking and never has been into any bad habits. He even suggested many not to step into them. Unfortunately Bharat was into these and we tried our best to bring him out from that. Ravi Teja will attend the investigation and he will come out with a clean chit. We are completely confident about this and we are not worried about the allegations. However it has been quite bad when you see your family member named in such issues. We never kept Bharat too aside and we have been supporting him from the past few years. His death was unfortunate and we could not digest his death because of which we did not see him for the last time.


Ravi Teja’s mother about Drug Issue
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