Ram all set to replace Varun Tej

February 13, 2019 at 12:53 pm
Ram all set to replace Varun Tej
Varun Tej is in talks for a bunch of films and he is currently on a break. He has been holding talks with Sagar Chandra from the past six months and 14 Reels Plus came on to the board to produce this periodic love story set during the Independence era. Soon Harish Shankar’s Valmiki came on to discussion and Varun Tej decided to skip Sagar Chandra’s periodic film.
The talented director soon approached Ram with a bound script and got an immediate nod from Ram. The film starts rolling once Ram wraps up his shoot for iSmart Shankar which is under shoot. Puri is the director and iSmart Shankar releases during summer. Ram loved the script and Sagar Chandra is currently busy finalizing the cast, crew and Sri Sravanthi Movies will produce this film.
Ram all set to replace Varun Tej
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