‘Kabali’ Fears Shake Tollywood

June 29, 2016 at 5:41 am

Whenever a big star movie is on the anvil it is obvious that the rest of the movies make way for it. But can you imagine the Tollywood circuit moving backwards just because they don’t want to fight with a dubbed movie?

It is happening now with the movie ‘Kabali’. However, the tension has once again picked up because of the talk that ‘Kabali’ may be postponed again. As such, it was scheduled to release on July 15th and producers are gunning for that day.

But now it is being heard that the movie may be postponed by a week. If this happens, all the planning Tollywood folks have done will go down the drain. Let us wait for an official announcement on this though.

‘Kabali’ Fears Shake Tollywood
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