All clear for Lakshmi’s NTR in Telangana

March 19, 2019 at 2:33 pm
RGV announces a sequel for Lakshmi's NTR
Lakshmi’s NTR is one film that made huge noise after the release of the theatrical trailer. The controversial points from the film have been revealed out and Ram Gopal Varma has been completely successful in bringing the buzz for the film. But soon the Election Commission of India received a set of complaints after which they asked the High Courts of Telugu states to look into the matter.
The Telangana High Court cleared all the speed breakers for Lakshmi’s NTR and asked the makers to proceed ahead for the theatrical release. The film will complete all the censor formalities and will release on March 29th across Telangana. The theatrical release in Andhra Pradesh is yet to get enough clarity. Ram Gopal Varma is waiting for a positive announcement from AP too. Lakshmi’s NTR is all about NTR’s life story that is narrated from Lakshmi Parvathi’s view.
All clear for Lakshmi’s NTR in Telangana
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