What’s The Love Story Niharika?

June 21, 2016 at 5:56 am

For the first time in the history of Telugu cinema, a girl from a powerful film family is making her debut into cine circuit as a heroine. The credit for that goes to mega princess Konidela Niharika, daughter of mega brother Nagababu.

And while she is arriving with her debut flick ‘Oka Manasu’ she has already become the hot property for gossips. A strong grapevine is making rounds that Niharika is having an affair with her co-star, the handsome Nagashourya.
There are those who strongly believe both are keeping their relationship a secret and meeting up discreetly. However, another version also states that all this gossip is being cooked to generate publicity. Only Niharika and Nagashourya know the truth.

What’s The Love Story Niharika?
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