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Surekha Vani’s Sizzling pose

May 12, 2018 at 9:40 am
Surekha Vani’s Sizzling pose

Surekha vani is surely one of the most popular character artists in telugu film industry. She made her presence in many big ticket movies. Surekha mostly does middle aged aunty and mom characters. Surekha is always ready to show the glamorous side of her be it in movies or public meetings. In real life surekha is mostly spotted wearing western outfits in which she sets the social media on fire.
Surekha was recently seen holidaying at a beach and her pictures are going viral over internet, she was seen in a short and a white shirt with sunglasses adding extra dose. This middle aged beauty is setting new goals to current generation actress.

Surekha Vani’s Sizzling pose
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