Renu Desai Warns Power Star Fans

June 19, 2018 at 1:22 pm
Renu Desai Warns Power Star Fans

Renu Desai recently posted a picture of her son Akira on her instagram account in which akira was seen looking at his laptop with lots of curiosity. Its a known fact that many of pawan fans call renu desai as Vadina. Even renu desai didn’t object this anytime. But in a surprise way renu today warned pawan kalyan fans on her official instagram account when she posted her sons picture. She wrote “My cutie pie looking like a serious character from some european cinema”
Akira was seen searching for some game in his laptop with super concentration.
Alongside Renu Desai said don’t address him as Jr. Power star and who ever does so will be deleted from my official account, she also said “neither Akira, nor his father, nor his mother like him being called jr. Power star, so you guys should stop it too”

Renu Desai Warns Power Star Fans
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