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Naga Babu warns Sri Reddy

April 18, 2018 at 12:29 pm
Naga Babu warns Sri Reddy

Mega brother Naga Babu revealed that he has been watching all the developments from the past one month about casting couch and Sri Reddy allegations, casting couch. The actor for the first time interacted with the media after Sri Reddy attacked Pawan Kalyan with a verbal abuse which didnot go well with the people across Telugu states. Naga Babu called the incident unfortunate saying Pawan Kalyan is a responsible man.

“Pawan leaving his stardom has been sweating out for the people through politicis. Pawan didnot react about all these because he is strong enough. If he commits a mistake, he will stand before people and he never hides himself. Blaming the complete industry for one single incident or because of one single person is not fair. Lakhs of people are dependent on Tollywood and they have been enjoying their work. Even my daughter is working in Telugu cinema. All the celebrities need to come down to react or explain about the allegations of Sri Redddy. They will come when they are really needed. Media should re-think before telecasting something and they should not work completely for TRPs” said Naga Babu.

Naga Babu warns Sri Reddy
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