Naga Babu Gets Trolled on Corona Tweet

March 5, 2020 at 10:52 am

On-screen character Naga Babu by and by is confronting serious analysis for his flighty tweets. He consistently runs into debate with his web based life posts.

Amusingly, he has likewise gotten fire from even super fans this time as he made a tweet in the comparative design of Ram Gopal Varma about coronavirus and god.

In a tweet, he solicited all the adherents from god to check on the off chance that they can endure the flare-up considerably in the wake of asking at mass social affairs in sanctuaries and spots of love.

He said that on the off chance that they are sheltered and solid, at that point it is the enormity of God, if not crown is incredible than the god.

“The guarantee of the celestial is nevertheless a fantasy,” he finished his tweet.

Be that as it may, not a solitary individual upheld him right now. “You are carrying on more regrettable than Kathi Mahesh,” one supporter reacted to his tweet.

Another remarked, “no big surprise that Narasapuram individuals had dismissed you.”

“Omlettki Ekkuva Aritaku ki Takkuva..Nuvvu Nee Pakodi Tweetlu”, another adherent utilized unforgiving remarks.


Naga Babu Gets Trolled on Corona Tweet
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