Manchu Lakshmi’s Wife of Ram Teaser

April 28, 2018 at 9:36 am
Manchu Lakshmi's Wife of Ram Teaser

Manchu Lakshmi prefers doing interesting movies and after a small break, she is back testing her luck with Wife of Ram which is a murder mystery. Manchu Lakshmi played the lead role in the movie and Priyadarshi played other pivotal role. The makers released the teaser of the film and it has been promising.

With an interesting plot, Wife of Ram has an engaging screenplay and the taut narration is expected to be the film’s major highlight. Raghu Dixit composed the music and People Media Factory, Manchu Entertainments bankrolled the film. Wife of Ram has been slated for release post summer.

Manchu Lakshmi’s Wife of Ram Teaser
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