Dil Raju Hurt with Baseless Rumors

February 26, 2020 at 10:38 am

After Allu Aravind and D Suresh Babu, the main maker who accomplished star status is Dil Raju.

In contrast to the next two makers, Dil Raju doesn’t originate from a film family however today he’s directing the terms and business in the Tollywood business.

He is one of the most impressive characters in the business. This is his expert side.

As to individual life, the star-maker lost his better half at some point back and has been having a forlorn existence.

He works 18 hours day by day and when he gets back, there are no darlings to get him or converse with.

His little girl got hitched. It was his little girl and child in-law who recommended he get hitched however he denied on their proposition yet they constrained him to consent to it.

They additionally set a union with a woman who is notable to Dil Raju. This has been accounted for by GreatAndhra before.

Be that as it may, some overenthusiastic media has felt free to wed him off as of now. Dil Raju is appeared to have profoundly harmed with ridiculous reports.

He has consented to wed again when his whole relatives including his girl constrained him. At that point where is the requirement for getting hitched furtively?

Reacting to these gossipy tidbits, he purportedly told his nearby individuals that his subsequent wedding would not be a mystery service. He would welcome every one of his companions in the business to the wedding service.

He is presently only 50. He keeps up his wellness well. He looks more youthful than his age. Regardless, getting hitched again is definitely not a serious deal in the present occasions.

Rumormongers should quit making such stories.

Dil Raju Hurt with Baseless Rumors
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