Buzz: Unit Members Afraid Of Balayya’s Dabidi Dibidi

March 7, 2020 at 11:06 am

At last, Nandamuri Balakrishna-Boyapati Srinu’s film shoot got launched. The chief is canning a battle succession on Balayya and others in Ramoji Film City at present.

Balayya is apparently feeling marginally disagreeable at the shoot area.

Tattles began doing adjusts that he is getting disturbed with little things and he is said to yell at others.

There is a purpose for the repulsiveness. Balayya is said to have alluded a few names in cosmetics and different specialties yet Boyapati didn’t acknowledge the proposals of Balayya.

We as a whole realize that the accomplishment of this film is vital for Boyapati’s vocation as opposed to Balayya. In the event that the film ends up being a failure, it might put an end card to his vocation.

Thinking about the brutal reality, Boyapati isn’t taking any risks with this film. He is settling acceptable specialists in all the specialties without moving to suggestions. Balayya got humiliated with the equivalent and that is the purpose behind his disagreeableness.

He is blowing up with trifling issues in the shoot area according to the discussion. The unit individuals ought to be cautious with him without a doubt. On the off chance that they disturb him in any capacity whatsoever, the outcome will be a Dabidi Dibidi without a doubt.

Buzz: Unit Members Afraid Of Balayya’s Dabidi Dibidi
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