Which PK will lead in 2019 elections?

July 15, 2017 at 12:03 pm
Just less than two years are left for general elections in Andhra Pradesh and the heat momentum has already picked up.
The two main political parties are worried about the word PK. One is Political Analyst Prashanth Kishore who led successful election results for BJP in 2014 election and JDU in Bihar Assembly elections. The other one is the film actor and politician Pawan Kalyan who was star campaigner and lead mobilizer for BJP and TDP in 2014 Andhra Pradesh elections.
TDP is worried about the strategies playing by YSRCP with the expert advice of PK (Prashanth Kishore) and YSRCP is worried about PK (Pawan Kalyan) who they think can spoil their party.
Let’s wait and see.
Which PK will lead in 2019 elections?
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