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Mohan Babu undergoes surgery in USA

April 25, 2018 at 11:52 am
Mohan Babu undergoes surgery in USA

Veteran actor Mohan Babu has been quite selective with films however he has been busy promoting and producing the movies of his children Vishnu, Manoj and Lakshmi. The actor after a long break played the title role in Gayatri which ended up as a major disappointment. The veteran actor injured himself while shooting for an action episode for Gayatri but he had to wrap up the shoot.

Now Mohan Babu flew to USA to undergo treatment and he has been operated recently for his shoulder injury. Mohan Babu has been adviced rest for one month and he will return back to the country after he recovers completely. The entire Manchu family has been with Mohan Babu and he is doing extremely fine.

Mohan Babu undergoes surgery in USA
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