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KTR Pictures Fill Hyderabad’s Potholes?


The Congress workers in Hyderabad took up a novel protest by reportedly filling the numerous potholes using the pictures of Telangana’s Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KTR.   Well this was their way of registering the protest against the apathy of roads in Hyderabad. The rivals of TRS Government allege that after winning GHMC

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Hyderabad Vents Fury Against KTR


Hyderabad has more or less become a hell with the heavy rains battering the region that has made driving a miserable experience. The entire region, without any exception of old city or Hitech city is facing massive trouble.   The pathetic condition of the city’s roads has become a rallying point for the citizens who

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Unrest Begins In Telangana


KCR was more or less the undisputed and unchallenged leader who has emerged very powerful in recent years. With his strategies, he almost decimated big parties in Telangana. But the Mallanna Sagar issue is really complicating matters for Telangana government. With T-JAC Chairman Kodandaram being arrested today, things have gone off hand. Many feel unless

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Is T-Hub Not A Successful Venture ?


The much hyped new generation of IT wave in Hyderabad may not be that rosy as predicted. Telangana IT minister KTR wanted to leverage the dominant status of Hyderabad as an Information Technology hub but again now things are becoming clear. In this regard, Telangana government started T-hub as a shining example of how IT

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KTR To Replace Chandrababu?


Till sometime ago, those who heard the name of Hyderabad always remembered Chandrababu Naidu. He is one man who transformed the city into a competitive place and an established brand. He is hence called as hitec Chanakya. But now it looks like Chandrababu’s name might be replaced by another person. He is none other than

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KTR Will Become Hero If He Does That


The last few days has seen some major spotlight on the Telangana minister K T Rama Rao. He has been focusing strongly on changing the face of Hyderabad in a big way and change its brand completely. Now, he has focused on the conditions of road in the city and recently based on one experience

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