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The New Item Queen!


The saucy seductress Kajal Aggarwal seems to be receiving more and more offers but rather than for heroine roles, she seems to be getting an item queen tag. But there is good money in that. She had performed a special song called “Pakka Local” in the recent release “Janatha Garage”. The song got a decent

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Kajal Rakes Moolah for One Song?


Well Kajal Agarwal seems to be charging a bomb for just featuring one song in NTR’s upcoming movie “Janatha Garage”. She has reportedly demanded 50 Lakhs and was also paid the same. The film makers reportedly signed Tamannah for the song initially for about Rs 30 lakhs but later she couldn’t allocate any dates and

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Lip Locks Don’t Bring Success


There was a time when boldness meant something really sensational in Indian cinema but with filmmakers breaking that path without any hesitation has made skin show and onscreen intimacy very common. This is more prominent in the Bollywood circuit. Hence, any daring act by a heroine is not really fetching that amount of interest. This

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