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Delhi’s Caution To KCR

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There is no doubt that the TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is a fearless and courageous leader who doesn’t hesitate to do what he wants. But he must also know this works only in Telangana. Lately, KCR has been making statements that he will go to Delhi and do Dharna demanding

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T-TDP Cracking?


As it is the situation of the Telugu Desam Party is not at all good in Telangana and at a time when many felt they will emerge as the strongest opposition they have been obliterated completely by the TRS Party. Despite that, the egos of leftover leaders are cracking whatever is left of T-TDP. Reports

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Krish’s Life Changes In ‘Simple’ Way


Finding a life partner is one of the most memorable and unforgettable moments and there are many who struggle hard to get one soulmate. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the intellectual filmmaker Krish. Recently he got engaged to a doctor named Ramya and sharing his thoughts, Krish reportedly revealed it just

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Akhil’s Love Story Surprises All!


In the last few months a lot of grapevine is making rounds about cute smile queen Samantha being in a serious relationship with Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya. Even before that can be confirmed or proved, another one has come up. This is from the same family. Well, reports are abuzz about the young scion

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‘Kabali’ Fears Shake Tollywood


Whenever a big star movie is on the anvil it is obvious that the rest of the movies make way for it. But can you imagine the Tollywood circuit moving backwards just because they don’t want to fight with a dubbed movie? It is happening now with the movie ‘Kabali’. However, the tension has once

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KTR To Replace Chandrababu?


Till sometime ago, those who heard the name of Hyderabad always remembered Chandrababu Naidu. He is one man who transformed the city into a competitive place and an established brand. He is hence called as hitec Chanakya. But now it looks like Chandrababu’s name might be replaced by another person. He is none other than

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Jagan-KCR Secret Pact On?


At a time when the state of Telangana was newly formed, it was understood that TDP and Congress is going to fight back strongly and create that trouble for TRS. However, within no time, everything changed and both parties got doomed. In the interim, many expected YSRCP chief Y S Jagan to make some noise

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All Eyes On Mega Girl’s Next Move


Till recently there was a lot of hungama happening about mega daughter Konidela Niharika’s debut into movies as a heroine. Her first flick is ‘Oka Manasu’ and though it appealed to certain section of crowds, the success aspect looks doubtful. With this, all are eager to see what will she do next. Recently, Niharika was

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Samantha To Bid Goodbye?


The shelf life of any heroine is limited and there comes a time in life when they have to change their priorities as per life’s demands. Only those who know when to call it a day are leading peaceful lives in film industry. This is more for the heroines who have to get married at

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